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  • breaking news MARRS International Spelling Bee - Preparatory Study Material from Spell India ... Books at amazon & Tests at Phonics eStore ... "on invitation" Free 1-to-1 Guidance Talk by the author

    This is a 'first time ever' opportunity for one and all.

    Key to preparation are study material. All mothers who have gone through the process know it well. The first-timer mothers will know it soon.

    This initiative is being brought to you through an 'exclusive association' between Phonics eStore and Student Desk.

    # Have old / used books and study material for MaRRS Spelling Bee.

    You can post images of what you want to sell. Those interested will contact you.

    # Have old / used books and study material for MaRRS Spelling Bee.

    You can search what is available for sell. Have a look at the images posted. All items will be old and used.

    We will only get concerned individuals (the seller and the buyer) connected. We have no other accountability, of any kind whatsoever. All discussion / transaction will be between the individuals concerned and we do not wish to know about same. We will not charge any fee or commission, in any manner. We do not guarantee quality, price, experience of the concerned parties, in any manner. All decision and action of concerned individuals will be their sole responsibility. Note you can "only post" study material for MaRRS Spelling Bee. These could have be from organisers of MaRRS Spelling Bee competition or Phonics eStore. We are only facilitators. We just want to help out. Trust you appreciate same.

    For any clarification, please write to us at phonicsindia.india@gmail.com